COVID-19 Clean-Up, Disinfecting Services










COVID-19 Clean-Up, Disinfecting Services

As many facilities across the country are shutting down to contain the potential spread of COVID-19 or as a result of community spread outbreak, some may be thinking about or have started the deep cleaning/disinfecting process. Here are some of the steps Palisades Cleaning will be taking on deep cleaning and disinfecting:

We utilize a CDC and EPA disinfectant, approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

• Disinfect all touch points, not just the frequently touched surfaces. To make the process easier, we'll be using equipment such as electrostatic sprayers, foggers and misters to make sure hard to reach surfaces are not missed.

• Make sure our porters are properly trained and wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

• Remove any visible soil with a detergent-based cleaner before applying a disinfectant and follow instructions on the product label for effective disinfecting. Some disinfectants are also cleaners and therefore, can be used for both steps.

•Ensure surfaces remain visibly wet for the contact time specified on the product label.

Cross Contamination

To minimize cross contamination, here are additional considerations that the crew will be taking while disinfecting surfaces:

• Disinfecting surfaces from clean areas to dirty areas. For example, restrooms being one of the highly contaminated areas should be cleaned last.

• Disinfect surfaces from high areas to low areas so that any dirt or dust that may contain germs dislodged from above are removed when you clean the lower surfaces.

• Disinfect last after other activities (including emptying trash, removing visible soil and vacuuming) are complete, so that any potentially contaminated dirt and dust don't re-contaminate already disinfected surfaces.